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Kaylee [userpic]
by Kaylee (rollercola)
at December 23rd, 2005 (01:07 am)

Right guys, this is my first tutorial so all constructive criticism is appreciated. Sorry about the quality of the previews, they're just jpegs, final product is a png.

From this to

Take your original picture, cropped & resized to fit. Sharpen once.

Duplicate 3 times. (Screen, softlight, exclusion 18%).

Looks hideous doesn't it? Add light texture (softlight 100%) sorry I don't know who they're by, if anyone does, please comment & I'll edit.


Add light texture, mirrored. (screen 100%).

Duplicate the base layer, desaturate (CTRL+H -- saturation -100, lightness 0) and drag to the top.

Create a new layer. Select both colours as white. Text -- font I used is Arriere Garde 20pt -- write 'beauty'.

Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow -- vertical/horizontal offset - 0, opacity - 100, blur - 4.00, colour - deep pink and apply.

Another new layer.

Select both colours as a deep pink, similar to the one used in the drop shadow.

Brushes -- I chose some simple sparkle lines, applied them then thought they were to bright so lowered the opacity to around 35%. They covered part of the text so I dragged the layer to just under the text layer.

Create another new layer above the text layer and using the same pink as before, add a 1 pixel border.

Hit f12 to name & save :)

Let me know how I did =] x-posted to icon_tutorial